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Dive into the world of high-octane aerobatics with SRC Airshows at the Red, White, and Blue Airshow! Led by the incredibly skilled pilot and owner, Stephen Covington, SRC Airshows brings more than two decades of flying experience to the skies of Monroe. Witness the breathtaking aerobatic prowess of Stephen as he commands his highly modified Pitts S2S, aptly named “The Raptor.”

Stephen’s passion for aviation, which started in childhood and blossomed into a commercial piloting career, is evident in every twist and turn of his performance. Get ready to be amazed by his signature acts, including a heart-stopping dual performance with Jason Newburg in their twin Pitts show and the critically acclaimed, award-winning Immortal Red Baron act. This unique show features a thrilling aerial "dogfight," complete with authentic machine gun simulations, bringing a piece of history to life.

Beyond his feats in the sky, Stephen's diverse talents extend to ground-level ventures in Longview, Texas, where he customizes cars, ranging from vintage hot rods to modern sports cars. His creativity and precision in both air and auto customization are a testament to his dedication to excellence.

Prepare to be thrilled by the daring and dynamic performances of Stephen Covington and SRC Airshows, where every flight is a story of passion, skill, and the pursuit of aerial artistry.

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